Authentic Muay Boran is now being offered by Kru Dang under the umbrella of Be Muay Thai by Kru Suphan a seasoned Muay Boran fighter of over 300 matches.


What is Muay Boran?

It’s “ancient boxing,” and is considered an ancestor to the more well-known Muay Thai. Muay Boran isn’t a single unified system. Practicing Muay Boran there are a number of different and distinct moves and stances that go by the name. Muay Boran was originally a combat martial art, but came to be practiced as a sport as well. The latter practice included some rules, though relatively few in comparison to Muay Thai. Instead of padded gloves, they fought with their hands and wrists bound with hemp rope and in earlier times instead of 8 weapons they had 9, the head included.

On the island of Phuket there are many Muay Thai gyms, many fitness gyms and MMA gyms. Here at ChokChai Muay Thai we have focused solely on the original fighting arts passed down in our cultures from generation to generation.

You should begin in Muay Boran to build a strong body, a strong mind and a healthy spirit, it is a total package deal of mind body and soul that will ignite your passion and love for the sport and is only taught here at ChokChai Muay Thai in the island of Phuket.

Muay Boran

This is the real deal and already in the month of the program we have had our first Muay Boran fighter compete and win by KO easily in the second round, proof and testiment to the power and strength of Muay Boran.

Again this is only a program you can receive at ChokChai Muay Thai, no other camps on the island of Phuket are qualified to teach Muay Boran and Kru Dang studied for his whole life and practiced with one of the best Muay Boran practitioners Kru Ajarn Suphan. So what are you waiting for? Come try a Muay Boran class out now and see the difference it will make not only in your body, but your mind and soul as well!