So you want to fight real Muay Thai?

Many people coming to Thailand dont usually plan on jumping in the ring, and then there are some who come to do exactly that. Whatever your reason was for coming, you will most likely find that after a couple weeks training with us, you will want to jump over/under those ropes and put to trial all the technique you have been working so hard on, and really put your heart and fitness to the ultimate test. Once you have told our trainers that you want to fight, you will be put through a whirlwind of hard training that you would have probably only ever read about. We train our fighters to be none-other than the best Nak Muay that they have the potential to be.

Preparing for a Muay Thai fight is one of the hardest things you can put yourself through, both mentally and physically. All your limits will be pushed. At times you will think you cannot do this, and you cannot make it. But you can, and if you run out of strength to push yourself, you neednt worry because there will be our trainers there to push you and remind you what it is you wanted to do before you hit your mental barrier. All of the trainers on our floor have been where you are, whether youre an absolute beginner having your first fight, youre preparing for your first title fight, or youre coming up to your hundredth fight.


Fighters must be both physically and mentally tough you will often find yourself alone during the lead up to the fight, this in itself is hard for some to handle. You will have to keep balance in your life while training your body to its limits, and manage time so that you can do what you need to do outside of training time, and not be too mentally or physically fatigued.

To be a Muay Thai fighter you must possess a large range of athletic skills: agility, speed, strength, balance, power, focus, accuracy, hand-eye-foot coordination, etc. Fighters are expected to train year-round, with small breaks after fights, and then come straight back to training to prepare their bodies for the next fight.

A fighter will be expected to train all 6 out of 7 days of the week, both morning and evening, and eat and sleep at the times dedicated to doing so.

Chokchai Muay Thai Camp has a number of fighters fight almost every week fighters are always matched as fairly as possible, not always by weight but by the size and body structure of yourself and your opponent, so unless it is an arranged title fight set at a distinct weight, you will not have to do any drastic weight cuts or stress about a mismatch of height, etc.

Below is an idea of what our Fighters do morning and afternoon:

  • 8KM Run
  • 20min Heavy Rope
  • Thorough full-body stretch
  • 20mins shadow boxing with hand weights
  • 5 rounds of Muay Thai Padwork
  • 5+ rounds of Bagwork
  • 5+ rounds of Sparring
  • 20+ mins of Clinching
  • Push-ups & Sit-ups
  • Weights arms, abs, etc.
  • 3KM Warm Down Run
  • Stretching